Available: Dec 27-31 2016 & Feb 11-12, 18-19 2017


When was the last time you tried something new? We are now offering a dog sledding experience! Come join us on a 2 mile run around the resort grounds, get to know a real musher and meet his dogs too!

Please contact Front Desk at 1-866-355-4676 for available times.

  • At the beginning of each session, Chris Turner will do an approximately 15 minute intro which will cover dog sledding 101, and his background as a racer. There will be time for pictures with the dogs and to ask questions
  • The dog sledding experience will last about 30 minutes and includes a 2mile run. There will also be a stop for picture taking. Riders will be taken in pairs, on a route around the resort grounds
  • The activity is weather dependent. We want everyone included to have a great and safe time. If the musher decides there are conditions that will make the ride dangerous or will harm the dogs, the ride will be cancelled. We will do our best to contact people ahead of time if the ride/s for the day has been cancelled

  • Payment for dog sledding will be accepted at the Front Desk. Riders will be given a ticket to surrender to the musher or his partner
  • All riders must sign a release waiver before riding. Only parents/guardians can sign for minors
  • Please plan to arrive 10-15min before session to process payments and sign waiver
  • It is advisable for riders to wear a scarf, and shades/sunglasses to help protect the face