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Helping Ukraine

Welcoming Ukrainian Refugees to the Clear Lake Community

The Elkhorn Resort is saddened by the events occurring in Ukraine and we are committed to doing our part in helping those who are fleeing Ukraine, looking for a safe place to settle with their family. We have partnered with the local municipality to open our community to Ukrainian Refugees by assisting Ukrainian families to settle in the Clear Lake area. These families will be assisted with finding accommodations, as well as job opportunities at the Elkhorn Resort or another local business in the area.


To make this happen, we need your help! Our ask to the community is two-fold:

  • If you have family, friends or relatives in Ukraine that are looking to relocate to Canada, please complete the form below and let us know. OR if you know of anyone that might have family in Ukraine, please pass this message onto them. 

  • We may need some help housing refugees. If you are able to open your door to have a family live with you for a short time, please let us know. 

Please submit the following form, providing your details so we can contact you if you can help us with this endeavour.  Manitoba is home to a strong and vibrant Ukrainian community - we are committed to supporting our community and providing an opportunity for families that are fleeing Ukraine.


Contact Us

Do you have friends, family or relatives currently living in Ukraine that are looking to relocate to Canada?
Are you interested in housing a refugee family for a short period of time if needed?
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