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Keeping You Safe

Elkhorn Resort’s Covid Response Plan

Elkhorn Staff

  • All housekeeping and restaurant staff to take the “Clean it Right” course offered by MTEC.  The designation will be posted at our entrance.

  • Signage reminding staff about social distancing and hygiene is posted in all staff areas

  • Any staff member feeling ill, with a temperature, cough or any symptoms will not be allowed to work until they are better or have been tested (when necessary)

  • Each team will have an orientation session with management (myself and department manager) to review and drill home any and all steps their department will be taking to ensure the safety of staff and guests before returning to work.


Public Areas

  • Lobby, restrooms, elevator, guest computers, luggage carts, railings, door handles, ATM, 

  • Cleaned and disinfected several times each day

  • Increased access to hand sanitizer stations in common areas (lobby, entrance to restaurant, elevator lobby, pool entrance, Spa (when open)

  • Staff will be provided face shields and masks to use at their discretion

  • Reminders reaffirming proper hygiene and physical distancing evident in common areas/washrooms

  • All vending machines, coke machines, guest ice machines, microwaves and guest laundry to be disinfected several times each day


Guest Rooms/Chalets

  • Deep cleaned and Inspected

  • Hospital grade disinfectant used – spray on disinfectant to be used on patio furniture (it can be sprayed and left to dry)

  • Non essential items removed (notepads, pens)

  • One time use paper goods provided at check-in (room service menu, TV guide, local activities, will also be posted to our website)

  • High touch areas to be disinfected a second time by the person inspecting the room (switches, door handles/locks, phone, lamps, coffee maker, remotes and hard surfaces)

  • Inspector leaves a card with their name on it. (this room has been inspected by ______ and is ready for our guests) plus a list of the high touch areas that have been disinfected.

  • Limited Housekeeping/maintenance Entry (housekeeping and maintenance staff will not enter a room/chalet that is occupied unless requested by a guest and only after the guests have left.  All staff will wear a mask if entering an occupied unit.  (short term stayover service by request only)



  • We are operating our restaurant in three rooms: The Buffalo Bar, Ten Restaurant and our Private Dining Room

  • All spaces are now at less than 50% normal occupancy and all tables are a minimum of 6’ from the next table

  • We cannot accommodate any large groups at this time, our maximum size is 6

  • We will not be moving tables or pulling them together as this will interfere with the social distancing regulations

  • Hand sanitizing stations are set up in various locations in all 3 dining areas

  • Staff will be provided with face shields and/or masks to wear while on shift – kitchen staff have gloves which are available for servers if needed

  • All hard surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected after each use.  

  • Common areas will be cleaned/disinfected several times a day (host stand, railing, bar top, squirrel touch screens, liquor bottles, fridge door handles – anything that gets touched)

  • Reminders about social distancing and proper hygiene posted at the entrance and in staff areas

  • Staff area to be cleaned and sanitized every 2 hours (monitored and documented)

  • All extra items are removed from the tables and will be brought to guests as needed

  • Encourage debit/credit transactions - debit machines to be wiped with a sanitizer several times a day


Pool Area, Fitness and Games Room

  • The Pool area can be open but at 50% occupancy so we are allowed a maximum of 70 people inside and a further 50 on the outside deck

  • All tables and lounge chairs are spaced out to maintain the proper 6’ social distancing rules – we ask that no furniture is moved so as to maintain proper spacing

  • There will be staff member on site in the pool area to ensure guests practice safe distancing, to hand out towels and ensure proper cleaning and sanitizing is followed

  • To ensure all guests have an equal opportunity to enjoy the pool area and to ensure it is being cleaned and sanitized regularly, the pool will be closed for 30 minutes every 2.5 hours for sanitation. 

  • When guests go to the pool, a staff member will sign each guest in and if the pool capacity is hit, guests will be turned away until there is room.

  • We have a spray on sanitizer that can be applied and left to dry which we will use on all tables, chairs and loungers,

  • Washrooms, doors, railings, first aid kit, phone will be sanitized

  • Reminders about hygiene and social distancing will be posted in pool area and change rooms

  • Fitness area will be arranged so all equipment is spaced out 6’ – Please do not move any of the equipment

  • Sanitizer and wipes will be available for guests and all equipment must be wiped down after each use

  • Pool table use – the cues are at front desk so they will be sanitized after each use, sanitizing wipes will be left in games room for guests who want to clean the pool balls and foosball handles 

  • Sanitizer and wipes will be available for guests wishing to use the foosball game

Solstice Spa

  • We are operating at 50% of normal occupancy in order to allow full cleaning and sanitizing of every room after a treatment

  • This also applies to the mineral pool area, where we have reduced the number of seats and spaced them out to ensure 6’ distance between strangers

  • Masks will be available for both Therapists and guests to wear if they would like. Some treatments might require the guest to wear a mask. Therapists will change uniforms after each treatment

  • The saunas and hot tub are not in operation at this time

  • Due to the reduced occupancy our mineral pool pass is now a 3 hour pass (not a day pass) and is only $20

  • We are offering a limited menu of services (a few of our treatments are not being offered at this time)

  • We cannot accept any group bookings at this time

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