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The ultimate in relaxation, muscle rejuvenation and full body treatments. Lay back, relax and enjoy an escape from to toe. Just say spaaaah!


Couples Massage

60 minutes $235(Sun-Thur) | $240 (Fri & Sat)

90 minutes $319(Sun-Thur) | $324(Fri & Sat)

Enjoy each others’ company during this relaxing, rejuvenating and serene Swedish-inspired full body massage.

Massage Therapy

30 minutes $85(Sun-Thur) | $89 (Fri & Sat)

60 minutes $118(Sun-Thur) | $124 (Fri & Sat)

90 minutes $155(Sun-Thur) | $158 (Fri & Sat)

Massage therapy is tailored to your body’s needs, whether it be relaxation, deep tissue, or specific treatment massage. After a thorough consultation your massage therapist will perform the massage best suited to your body.

Seasonal Massage

75 minutes $134(Sun-Thur) | $138 (Fri & Sat)

Oooh la la! This full body massage begins with an application of heated oils that promote complete peace and serenity. Your hands and feet are wrapped with heated towels, increasing circulation and promoting healing. The wonderful treatment becomes complete with a blissful scalp massage.

Rainbow Chakra Massage

90 minutes $145(Sun-Thur) | $149(Fri & Sat)

Awaken your senses with a natural sugar body scrub to gently remove dry, dead skin and promote circulation. The scrub is infused using our Rainbow Chakra essential oil blend. A scent you will never forget will leave you energized and joyful.

* Can be claimed as a 60-minute massage.

Scalp Massage | 15 minutes (Add-On) | $40


Solstice Pricing, Gratuities and Tax

A 15% service gratuity and GST will be added to your spa treatments or packages. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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