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FAQ on Snoman Trails Inc.


What/who are Snoman Trails. Inc?

Snoman (Snowmobilers of Manitoba) Trails Inc. is a non-profit organization representing 51 member snowmobiling clubs that maintain and groom some 12,000 kilometres of Manitoba’s scenic trails. Member clubs are financially supported through the sale of Snopasses.

What do you need to snowmobile legally in Manitoba?

  1. A valid driver’s license to cross a roadway

  2. Proof of ownership of the snowmobile

  3. Validated registration plate

  4. Mandatory third-party liability insurance

  5. A helmet


What do you need to travel on Snofund (Snoman Trails Inc.) designated snowmobile trails?

  • Snopass snowmobile trail permit (annual or seven-day)


What does it cost to purchase a Snopass?

Annual pass – $125.00 (includes GST)

7-day pass – $60.50 (includes GST)


Where can I purchase my Snopass?

At all MPI agents across Manitoba.

MPI Broker Text Listing:

MPI Broker Locator:

There are agents in Onanole (available at Fas Gas, a local gas station which is a two minutes from the resort), Erickson, Minnedosa, Shoal Lake, Neepwa, McCreary and Rossburn.


Visit to find a location, address and phone number of an agent nearest you.

What if I am from out-of-province, can I snowmobile in Manitoba?

Yes, but you must purchase a Snopass to ride the trails in Manitoba. You must show proof of ownership and a valid registration from another jurisdiction that includes a minimum of $200,000 third-party liability coverage. An annual Snopass allows you to ride on designated trails until April 30.


Are snopasses mandatory?

Yes. If you wish to travel on designated Snoman trails in Manitoba, by law, you must have a valid Snopass and display the snopass sticker on the off-road vehicle plate of your snowmobile. Manitoba Conservation patrol the trails regularly. Snowmobiling on a designated trail without a valid Snopass may result in a $448.50 fine.

Are there safety concerns while snowmobiling?

Yes. See below:

  • Drive defensively and always be alert of potential danger. Your helmet and engine noise can impair your hearing. Visibility is also reduced in conditions of snowfall, blowing snow and night driving. Never assume what someone else will do. Do all that you can to ensure your safety and that of other riders.

  • Don’t drink and ride.

  • Be careful while riding at night.

  • Beware of riding on ice – drowning is one of the leading causes of snowmobile fatalities.

  • Be careful of hypothermia. Dress warmly and stay dry.

  • Snow blindness – ride with good quality, UV protected sunglasses, goggles or a visor which can prevent permanent damage.

  • Frostbite – cover up, layer your clothing and ensure that your socks fit loosely within your boots. Wear mittens that have liners as they are warmer than gloves. Wear wind-proof outer garments, extra layers, a balaclava ( helmet or ski mask, is a form of cloth headgear that covers the whole head, exposing only part of the face) and keep your face shield down to prevent wind burn and to protect your skin and eyes.

  • Snowmobile repair kit – you can easily snowmobile beyond immediate help so basic repair kits are essential. The kit should contain a spare belt, spare spark plugs, a manufacturer’s tool kit, extra wrenches, nuts and bolts sized for your sled, a tow rope, a pry bar, duct tape, a wire, a jack-knife and a cellular phone (which can be a terrific asset if you are in a challenging situation) but keep in mind that cell phones have limited service range.


How can I find out about trail conditions?

  • Click here to find out about trail conditions

  • Call (204) 940-7533


Where can I find trail maps?

Click here to view Snoman trail maps

RMNP – basic winter safety 

Know your winter enemies: fatigue, hypothermia and frostbite. Inform a reliable person of your plans, stick to the plan and check in with them upon your return. In this case, please inform the team at the Front Desk your name(s), departure time, trail/route and expected return time.


  • Riding Mountain National Park of Canada (RMNP)

  • SnowMuchFun

  • Parkland Tourism

  • Snoman Trails Inc.

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