Dakota Style Teepees 

Elkhorn Resort would like to apologize for our recent posts regarding the teepees at Elkhorn Resort. We got this wrong. We have left the posts up because we recognize that these conversations are important and necessary. These conversations are not always easy, but we commit to learning from this and to doing better. We will not be renting the teepees at this time. We are reaching out to the Indigenous community to determine the best way to move forward. That should have been our first step. We sincerely apologize.

Teepee Description:

We put up 2 - 18 ft Dakota Style Teepees at the Elkhorn Resort.  They are made to be longer in the front, and slightly shorter in the back.  The reason for this design is the Dakota people lived on the great plains, and engineered their teepees to withstand the wind and weather systems.  Most of the stronger weather systems come from the West, and head East. So, the Dakota people would have their teepee doors facing East and the back of the teepee would lean towards the Wind.  Also, having the Sun rise shining into the door had spiritual/natural significance as well.  Almost every teepee was painted or stitched a certain way, to depict who lived in the lodge, and reveal what his/her gifts/role was in the community.  However, there is many teachings around the teepee, and they vary from community to community and nation to nation.