What Is & Isn't Available 

The Latest Operating Update For The Elkhorn Resort

Latest Update: Friday, January 8

List of what is or will be available:

  • Skating and tobogganing ARE now allowed – our staff is busy flooding the rink but it is NOT ready yet.  

  • We ARE allowed to rent out our skis, snowshoes and skates – ONCE there is enough snow and the rink is open

  • As of December 14th – there are no groomed cross country trails open and not enough snow for snowshoeing

  • The Park will have their ski trails open to the public (even during Code Red) but not until there is enough snow

  • We will be grooming a few km’s of ski trails on our golf course area – once there is enough snow 

  • NEW this year – we will be creating a series of 6 outdoor fire pit areas (on the golf course area) that guests will be able to reserve so they can have a private bonfire (with their immediate family only) – these will be limited to 5 people and they must be from the same household or staying in the same unit. The only exception to the rule of 5 is if it is a large family (of 6 or more). 

  • The two fire pits on the west side of the lodge will also be open for guests but the same rules apply - one family at a time (or guests who are staying together – no more than 5 allowed)

  • Snowmobiles are allowed on our property – once there is enough snow we will have a path clearly marked for guests to go from our parking lot to the east side of Elkhorn where they can join up with the Snoman trail system. Snoman grooms and signs a trail right to our parking lot every year.

  • We have hay bales on order and will be blocking off the road by the toboggan hill (to make it safe for the kids)

  • The restaurant will be using a new takeout and room service menu. The restaurant and hotel will be closed Monday-Wednesday during the week of January 11 and 18. During this time, Chalets will remain open and available to rent.

  • Solstice Spa is open for Therapeutic Massages BUT by appointment only – call the spa directly for availability

  • There are also multiple skating areas on ponds and lakes around the area – the Park is putting their skating rink behind the interpretive centre (not ready yet) and there may be one on Clear Lake next to main beach

  • Ebikes are available to rent – winter pricing is located at front desk (new 2 hour rental now available) – these bikes have the fat bike tires that are great for winter rides!

  • People are welcome to visit the horses outside during the day at the Riding Adventures. We just ask that people do not enter the pens or pasture. 


Here is what will NOT be allowed:

  • No group gatherings of more than 5 allowed outdoors (unless it is one large family – who live together)

  • No one can visit friends/family in other chalets or hotel rooms

  • Restaurant/bar is closed except for take out and room service

  • All Salons, the PDR and Presentation room are closed to the public

  • Pool and fitness areas to remain closed

  • Sleigh rides are not available. The riding facility is closed to public tours at this time.